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The first film premiere to take place at a drive in.

Filmed in Sheffield’s world famous Crucible Theatre, London and Beijing, this life affirming rags-to-riches story follows the troubled but talented Spencer Pryde (Sam Gittins) a gifted, inner-city kid, wasting his life on petty crime and violence, until a chance encounter with Chinese stranger and former ‘eight ball’ pool champion, Vince Qiang (David Yip) and tough guy club owner Ray (Rutger Hauer) presents him with the opportunity to turn his life around.

When tragedy strikes, Spencer finally breaks away from his so-called friends and all the negative influences of his life – which include the UK’s current issues with drugs, violence and knife crime – but with Qiang’s guidance Spencer makes a bid for a prestigious snooker tournament held in Beijing…but can he overcome his demons and use the talents he was blessed with?


Sam Gittins

David Yip

Adam Deacon

Rutger Hauer

Jamie Foreman

Terri Dwyer

Luke Mably

Jack Lisowski

Liang Wenbo

Ken Doherty


Michael Elkin – Writer/Director

Dean Fisher – Producer

Terri Dwyer – Producer

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