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Bolans Shoes

Ian Puleston-Davies’ feature film “Bolan’s Shoes,” starring Timothy Spall (“Mr. Turner”), Leanne Best (“Line of Duty”) and Mark Lewis-Jones (“The Crown”).

The film features music by the pioneers of the glam rock movement of the 1970s, Marc Bolan’s T-Rex, and is designed as a celebration of that decade’s culture. However, much like Marc Bolan’s own legacy, who died in a road accident in 1977, its glitter is dimmed by the tragic repercussions of a deadly road accident and the question of what might have been. The story celebrates the enduring legacy of childhood experiences and the deep bonds of sibling love.

Puleston-Davies, also an actor with credits including “Pennyworth” (2019-21), previously wrote “Dirty Filthy Love” (2004), starring Michael Sheen, which he co-wrote with Jeff Pope, based on his personal experiences of OCD. “Bolan’s Shoes” is his directorial debut.

“Bolan’s Shoes” is produced by U.K. independent film company Buffalo Dragon, launched in 2020 by Terri Dwyer and Greg Barrow. Dwyer is producing. Bolan’s son, Rolan Bolan, will serve as associate producer.

Dwyer said: “I have worked with, and known, Ian Pulestone-Davies for over 25 years, and I am truly delighted to be working with him on his wonderful script and watching the story come alive. We are indebted to Roland for giving us permission to use Marc Bolan’s music, as well as his likeness, and honoured to have Timothy Spall in our midst, who adds such gravitas to the main role. The talent on set is electric, and with Ian at the helm, I feel sure ‘Bolan’s Shoes’ is going to captivate audiences. Buffalo Dragon is thrilled to be part of this terrific project.”

“Bolan’s Shoes” will be released in 2023 to coincide with the 46th anniversary of Mark Bolan’s death and what would have been his 76th birthday.


Timothy Spall

Leanne Best

Mark Lewis Jones

Dyfan Dwyfor

Matthew Horne

Terri Dwyer

Andrew Lancel

Louis Emerick

Other Credits

Ian Puleston-Davies – Writer

Ian Puleston-Davies – Director

Buffalo Dragon – Producers

Greg Barrow – Executive Producer

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